We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back AGAIN and again.

Piper's in the Park

After working together for many years in various places, Piper Lunsford and Wendy Woods created Piper's in the Park in 1999.
Wendy brought experience from her work at restaurants in numerous cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Miami, and Hilton Head, where she worked at Mick's, a model of the Peasant Restaurant Group. In 1984, Piper started a restaurant with her dad, Wendell, called Piper's Deli. Family designed and built, Piper gained valuable experience and expertise working for many years there.

Piper and Wendy decided to open their new restaurant in Durham, at the edge of RTP.

Piper's in the Park has enjoyed great success now for many years due to the fast paced, friendly environment with excellent customer service. "The Girls," as Piper and Wendy are affectionately known, pride themselves on creating a high quality product at a reasonable price. The menu offers a wide variety of options, including fresh handmade sandwiches, gourmet salads, tasty soups, delicious hot food, and daily specials.

And the story goes on...fast forward to 2006 when such great success of their first restaurant led The Girls to introduce a second concept closer to central Durham with a community centric focus. With a distinct vision of a dining destination that would offer both a bustling meeting place and delicious, affordable fare, NOSH was created.

Piper's in the Park invites you to stop by Monday through Friday during lunch to grab a bite to eat, but remember, if this won't work for you, Piper's also serves groups of 10 - 300 people with catering services which are the best around!